Ben Peoples Speaks

September 7, 2010, 12:00 pm
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Another idea that’s been kicking around, but still waiting on time & capital to make happen is the “colorcube”.

The idea is a children’s toy that requires interaction and encourages exploration.  It doesn’t have a button that makes it go.  The device is simple: a 2″ frosted cube that lights up in any of 6 colors, and several patterns.  The devices are sealed (probably potted), and are solar chargable.  They also talk to each other via IR when in proxmity, so the blocks will interact.

I still haven’t a clue what they’ll do, but the idea is to have them do different things depending on how they’re configured and what they’re doing.  If you shake it, it does one thing.  If you rotate it 90 degrees, it’ll change colors in a predictable manner.  If you let it sit too long, it’ll turn back off.

The solar charging could be combined with a UV “oven” that will charge & disinfect the surface of the cube.

Anybody interested in this thing?


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