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Architecture Grad Programs
September 8, 2010, 8:09 am
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So I’ve been shopping around for architectural grad programs I can do preferably part time, here in Pittsburgh.  There are three schools that offer architecture programs.  From talking with them, CMU is out.  CMU is a very intensive program that would require a 16-month sabbatical from my job.  It would be awesome, but financially not doable.  (And my company would have to hire someone to replace me while I’m gone, which could get awkward when I return depending on the current status of the economy).

The 2nd folks I talked to were Pitt, who only have an undergraduate program.  They recommended I check out Chatham’s program.  Surprisingly, to me, Chatham’s graduate program is co-ed (Chatham’s undergrad is women only), they also have no penalty for part-time students– that is, you are charged a flat per-credit fee, even if you’re full time.

Chatham’s Masters in Interior Architecture (MIA) program is fascinating.  It’s a 2 year full time program, or longer if taken part time.  The program is designed for folks like me who don’t have an undergrad degree in architecture.  The curriculum is interesting, and is designed for someone to get employment as an interior designer within an architecture firm.  This is a little like a set designer — you work with a TD (architect/engineer) to figure out how to build your scenery (building), and you need a reasonable understanding of how scenery (buildings) are built, so you don’t design 4′-2″x8′-4″ flats for no good reason.

More on the program here: — if I’m going to do an architecture grad program, this is the one.

Anyways, I haven’t a clue if I’m going to go down this road, and I have a lot of other things to work out before I do.


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