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Gifting Wish List

[Edited for things I got for my birthday: THanks!]

What I could really use is rather expensive, but I’d be happy if everyone got together and got me parts of it:

Explanation: This is a 12″x18″ CNC router, designed generally for cutting plastics & wood.  Most of the construction I’m doing these days involves very small pieces of wood & plastic that need to be accurately cut and fit together.  This tooling would accomplish that in a single package.  It consists of the Probotix Fireball in a ready to run configuration, a spindle mount for a laminate trimmer (instead of the standard dremel), the laminate trimmer, a selection of bits and a high-precision collet to mount those bits in.  The router needs a computer to run it, the $250 allowance from permits a very small computer (with flash-based memory on board, no hard drive is required).  I already have a monitor I’ll be using with this.  Dust collection is handled in the list below (a dust collector “wand” will travel along with the router on the rig) The rig will sit on the ikea furniture spec’d at the end of the list, and will live in the “shed” in the basement.  However, I’d like to further isolate the sound in this room from the downstairs apartment.  The plan is studs & 1/2″ OSB, which should increase the sound isolation (although will not be perfect, of course).

What I’m asking for adds up to around $2500, but is the only thing I’d like for birthday + christmas this year =)

(You can click the images to make them bigger)

Router spindle: (This one, in particular, is compatible with the CNC kit above, $79.25)

Dust Collection: ($219.99)

Plus: x 2 ($5.42/ea)
and ($14.95)

Cutting bits:

Sound isolation:

The new plan is simply to build a box around the router, which is a bit less costly:
2 sheets of 1/2″ plywood: $30
Screws & hardware: $20
Total: $50

Stand for everything: ($19.99) ($49.99) x 2 ($3.50 /ea)
And some things to cut:
Birch plywood: in 1/32″, 1/16″, and 1/8″, 12×24. ($5-$8/ea sheet)
And maybe: ($5.58/ea)

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